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  • It's Called

    It's Called "Pure Control"

    It’s not just about a fancy theatre room anymore, it’s about managing your environment from almost any device to control operating costs and conserve energy.

    With the explosion of the internet and smartphones, home automation has evolved into Pure Control!

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  • Don't Let The Cable Guy Manage Your Home!

    Don't Let The Cable Guy Manage Your Home!

    Would you really want the cable company to manage the systems in your home? Really?

    Let us take care of it.

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  • Get SMS Notifications

    Get SMS Notifications

    Get instant updates so you know what's going on at your home or office at all times.

    Whether you're on vacation and you left a window or garage door open, or detecting a leak before it destroys your home or office, these SMS notifications can be a lifesaver.

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How Smart Is Your Home?

home automation

Home Automation At Its Best

In recent years, the term Smart Home has come to represent home automation at its best. It’s the idea that a home can somehow be programmed to know when to turn on lighting or sound, to raise or lower temperature, lock doors, or even control appliances. While our ability to automate to this level is relatively new, it is becoming more and more commonplace.

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Featured Gadget

Electrostatic Speakers


MartinLogan Electrostatic Speakers

One of the first electrostatic speakers ever built, was made in the 1920's, fabricated from a pig intestine coated in gold leaf and stretched out as large as a door. From the moment that speaker began playing, its realism stunned listeners. Unfortunately, that speaker promptly disintegrated, but the inventors knew they were onto something. Fast forward, we assure you no pigs will be harmed if you choose MartinLogan electrostatic speakers, but your desire to listen to anything else, may be sacrificed. MartinLogan -- electrostatic perfection. 

Featured Services

  • Pure Control >

    What is Pure Control?  Pure Control evolved out of home automation. It’s not just about a fancy theatre room anymore... Read More
  • Utility Monitoring >

    Catch the "Oh no!" in time... Water leak? Furnace go out? ...While you are on vacation? Read More
  • Premises Monitoring >

    Protect What's Important Wouldn’t it be nice to know whether or not you locked the back door? Or more importantly, when someone unlocks a door... Read More
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