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  • It's Called

    It's Called "Pure Control"

    It’s not just about a fancy theatre room anymore, it’s about managing your environment from almost any device to control operating costs and conserve energy.

    With the explosion of the internet and smartphones, home automation has evolved into Pure Control!

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  • Don't Let The Cable Guy Manage Your Home!

    Don't Let The Cable Guy Manage Your Home!

    Would you really want the cable company to manage the systems in your home? Really?

    Let us take care of it.

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  • Get SMS Notifications

    Get SMS Notifications

    Get instant updates so you know what's going on at your home or office at all times.

    Whether you're on vacation and you left a window or garage door open, or detecting a leak before it destroys your home or office, these SMS notifications can be a lifesaver.

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AURORA Nashville & CeCe Winan’s BIG Surprise

AURORA Nashville North America's first 4K LIVE streaming concert network with CeCe Winans pictured announcing her new CD, Let Them Fall In Love

Hello World!

There is a new live music venue and music production studio in Nashville, Tennessee and the team at Absolute AV Consulting could not be prouder of our contributions to this state-of-the-art facility! The name of the studio AURORA Nashville. Situated at street level in the Pinnacle building downtown, AURORA Nashville is North America's first 4K LIVE streaming audio video studio designed specifically to support the biggest names and labels the music industry.

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  • Pure Control >

    What is Pure Control?  Pure Control evolved out of home automation. It’s not just about a fancy theatre room anymore... Read More
  • Utility Monitoring >

    Catch The "Oh no!" in Time Got a water leak while? Furnace go out? Did I mention you were on vacation... Read More
  • Premise Monitoring >

    Protect What's Important Wouldn’t it be nice to know if you forgot to lock the back door or not? Or better yet, if someone unlocked a door... Read More
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